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Nancy Sasse

210 S. Reynolds Road Toledo, OH 43615

Nancy Sasse is a Meridian Tapping practitioner using EFT®, Certified Reflexologist, and a Reiki Master.

Nancy provides one on one sessions of both practices and teach classes for basic tapping techniques. She host a four session group class to De-Stress Sandwich Generation/Caregivers, one hour weekly for four weeks.

Nancy Sasse

My own experience leads me to help the "Sandwich Generation" with coping skills and stress relief as they become caregivers for their aging parents, chronically ill partners, and other loved ones. To become your parents' parent is tough enough, but when you are still working and have a family to care for besides, it can be overwhelming. I choose to use my tapping modality and personal experience to help caregivers find time to still live their own lives and find that fine balance between taking care of someone else and taking of themselves.

My goal now is to learn to live in this world with grace and ease, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically; and to share that knowledge with every friend, acquaintance and/or client.



Joan Dandurand-Marlow
Owner, Coach, Alternative Health & Wellness Practitioner and Educator

“I can't speak more highly about Nancy's skills as an EFT practitioner...” more...

Jeff Winke
President Successful Behavior Inc.

“I'd recommend her EFT program to anyone who wants to better themselves in anyway!!!” more..

Joshua Boling
Sales/ Marketing Management at GUSCO- "Green Universal Solutions Company" - 419-341-1062

“Thank you Nancy for your professionalism and expertise. You have added to my understanding of the power of our mind..” more...



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